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How to Get in the Mood for Sex

Posted: 13/10/2019

If you are human, and we are going to assume you are, then we’ll also assume you’ve had your night ruined by a sexual proposition at least once. Sometimes, we are just NOT in the mood. And if someone else cannot read that part of your mood, then you might bite their head off if they try and ask you to head upstairs. However, if you feel like you are often not in the mood, you might want to try and change that!

How, though, can you make yourself get in the mood for some fun with your partner? As you might imagine, it’s actually quite a challenge. There are some useful tips, though, that you could definitely put to good use if you want to try and get more sexually exciting. How, then, can you go about changing your mood on a regular basis?

1. Free your mind

Start off by doing yourself a favour and emptying your mind of all the gunk that is slowing you down. Are you stressed out about a work or personal thing? Then try and take your mind off that. Being stressed or upset is a big barrier to getting horny, so you probably want to try and clear your mind of what is making you feel like this first and foremost.

Yeah, it will take some and usually needs a bit of planning. Listen to a podcast about something you enjoy, go for a quick nap, or even just sit and listen to some music. Try and take your mind off whatever it is that is limiting your ability to get a bit more wild in the mind.

If you do that, then you should definitely start to find it easier to appreciate that proposition.

2. Get some inspiration

Before you head out, an easy and innocent way to get yourself ‘in the mod’ is to read something inspiring. And no, we don’t mean something like a triumph novel or an inspirational set of quotes off your Instagram. We mean reading something sexually inspiring. Start one of those adult novels you always want to read but feel to embarrassed or guilty to try out.

Get inspired – you might start reading about something that you never knew you wanted to try. It will help with number one, and it will definitely help with number three below. You’ll start to find that you feel a touch more ambitious and exotic, and now have something stuck in your mind that makes sex feel a bit more acceptable.

We live in a world where you should not have to feel embarrassed for wanting the touch of a person – remember that.

3. Believe in experimentation

So, if you want to try and get in the mood, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to remove any monotony from the evening. Going for the same old food and drinks in the same old place with the same old faces? Bleugh. No wonder you aren’t exactly feeling up for it.

Instead, change it up. Go to a new town tonight. Try out some new food. Even head out with a different company. Anything at all that can make you believe in the idea that sometimes change is a good thing will be brilliant for making you more likely to get in the mood. Experimenting is exciting, and as such it’s very likely to help you get into a more sexually suitable frame of mind.

Do that, and you should find it nice and easy to start making the kind of progress that you had wanted. A sex kit can be a great way to start the idea of sexperimentation. 

4. Enjoy your look

The best thing that you can do, though, is to love yourself. One of the main reasons for a low sex drive can come from looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. If you don’t like what you see, how could someone else?

That train of thought, though, is way off the rails of reality. You should accept your body and your looks for what it is, and you should appreciate the assets that you do have. When you start feeling a bit sexier about yourself, it’s easier to imagine someone else finding you're sexy. And that can lead to all kinds of thoughts!

So, why not enjoy your look? Why not take the time to change things up and start enjoying a more progressive, satisfying experience? Certainly worth exploring our range of sexy lingerie outfits

Sex is not something you should feel embarrassed about wanting. To want sex, though, you first have to want yourself. Get to that stage through the above suggestions, though, and your sex life should catapult upwards.