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From AA to 9 volt, C or D - MaceyMay have all the power requirements you need at the touch of a button. Order a range of batteries to cover all bases and give your sex toy the energy of that pesky well-known bunny.

Individual sex toys require a whole range of different batteries and to avoid any flaccid moments we suggest you order a stock of various battery sizes. Fortunately, MaceyMay can provide all the power needs you require at the simple touch of a keypad.

Sex toys are so much fun and we just can’t wait to explore a new purchase, the anticipation is arousing and fun too. Armed with your new sex toy and no batteries? On the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm and your vibrator ceases to buzz? Imagine the sexual frustration?

Make sure you’re always powered up and prepared for play - anytime, anyplace, anywhere all of the time. When purchasing a fabulous new MaceyMay sex toy always check to see if your selected sex toy is supplied with the necessary batteries.

Always make sure your batteries are fresh, especially if your planning on a whole lot of loving, there is nothing worse than losing power at a critical moment. Hopefully, you’ll also be the proud owner of a MaceyMay mains powered or rechargeable sex toys for uninterrupted pleasure.



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