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Showing 1 ‐ 6 of 6 products

Sexy Sweets

Our tasty collection of sweets will make a fine choice for those with dirty minds as much as those with a sweet tooth.

If you would like to enjoy a bit of sexy sweetness, then our various sweets and styles of sweets can do just that. From working as a powerful aphrodisiac to making it easier for you to have some fun and to really hit a high-end orgasm, you will find that our numerous sweets make it easier to just ‘hit the spot’. So, if you are looking to make yourself a bit more sexually engaged in the evening, perhaps after dinner, take one of our sweets and see the difference.

They also make a fine item to slowly put into the mouth of your better half. They will enjoy that feeling, that sensation, that rush. They’ll get to really feel the fun and the fire that the sweets build up in their loins, making them super-certain to just pounce on you the minute that you give them a chance.

Plus, they are a great novelty item too for those who are just looking to stir up a bit of a laugh on the way to a rather naughty night out.

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