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Experiment and explore the range of lubricants on offer, many with specific benefits for sexual issues and others to simply add ‘extra glide and slide to vigorous play.

Our Lubricants

Unfortunately, sexual lubricants are often associated with problem solvers such as vaginal dryness. Sex lubes are in fact, such an easy way to intensify sexual pleasure and for longer periods too. They enhance both female and male sexual performance and are excellent to use with sex toys - they provide easy penetration and movement during any sexual activity.

Personal lubricants are extremely beneficial for women to enjoy during sexual play too. They decrease the uncomfortable friction in the vagina or anus. Enhance sexual arousal by stimulating blood flow to the vulva, encouraging personal lubricant creation.Plus, they can alter taste during oral play and help maintain the elasticity of the vaginal wall by softening the skin. All these benefits in such a tiny tube or pot.

Men of differing ages, particularly older men, may face sexual challenges - delayed arousal and erection problems. It is common for physical stimulation to be required, to gain and maintain. Lubrication can intensify sensations of erotic touch and sexual pleasure - helping to heighten arousal and maintain a longer lasting erection. As men age, the genitals become less sensitive to erotic touch, therefore, arousal requires extended stimulation.

A number of men insist that condoms dull sensitivity and thus sexual pleasure is reduced too. An appropriate lubricant applied to the head of the penis before slipping on a condom can increase sensitivity and provide greater pleasure.

There are three main, sexual lubricants - water based, oil based and silicone - all have differing properties. It’s really important to be aware of lubricant ingredients - to avoid unnecessary irritation to pleasure zones and ensure the product is actually designed for sexual use.

Prevent a potential showstopper and be prepared with a MaceyMay personal lubricant. We have the perfect lube to suit your needs whether you’re a mixed couple or same-sex couple - playing solo, enjoying foreplay or buzzing with your favourite sex toy.

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