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Sexual Protection

For many of us, the concept of sexual protection is something we sometimes look at as an afterthought. So long as you are with the right person, why do you need to worry about protection? Sadly, life is not quite as simple as this. With the help of our various sexual protection aids, you can make sure that you practice sensational yet safe sex - that feels entirely right for all parties involved.

Keeping that in mind, you are much more likely to be able to enjoy the truly amazing sensation that is building up in your body - without worrying about the safety of the fun that you have, you can just go wild. Holding back through fear of the consequence often produces poor sexual satisfaction without any improvement in the chance of staying safe. The best way to stay safe is to be responsible, take charge and use the products that we have on offer then have fun with no regrets.

Here at MaceyMay we aim to provide products to make sex fun, satisfying and safe for everyone. Many people believe or may try to persuade you of various myths regarding safe sex - planning ahead for sex ruins the mood - condoms ruin the feel of sex - buying condoms is embarrassing and many more. Being prepared for safe sex does not have to be a passion killer - simply keep them handy in a wallet or conveniently stored at home to prevent interrupting the flow. Select and use condoms with pleasure-enhancing properties - flavoured or ultra thin for increased sensitivity and include condoms in your foreplay. Purchasing any personal sex product is no longer an embarrassing ordeal with MaceyMay to provide for all your sexual requirements.

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