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Discreet Packaging

When you want to buy something a little naughty, we understand that you’ll want to keep it strictly just-between-us.  

Nobody wants to open the door to the postman only to know that they have a clear idea of what you will be getting up to this evening.  

If you are someone that values your privacy, then you will want to make a purchase from a store that puts a huge emphasis on its discrete service & packaging. MaceyMay, guarantee that our products are all shipped in the most professional, discrete manner possible

You deserve to have the chance to have some fun and to keep your private life - well, private. Whether you don’t want to leave anyone with any ideas about your preferences, or you just want to keep a gift hidden from the person you live at home with, you’ll appreciate our discrete packaging. 

Now, you aren’t worried about a box coming through the door that is going to be obvious. Instead, we make sure that everything is done in the most discreet manner.  

How do you keep my package private? 

So, the best way for us to do this is to make sure we always follow Customs and Regulations protocols.  

While some countries may mean that you have to disclose and declare the contents of your shipment, we do everything we make to make sure this is not going to cause any embarrassment.  

For the most part, all of our products will be marked with ‘novelty’ as part of the customs shipping: this allows it to arrive in basic packaging without anything standing out. 

Also, we make sure that when you buy from us that your statement will show a charge from BUSINESS, not our business name.  

So, if you see a name of a company that you do not recognise on your shipment order, this is why. We never put you at risk by associating your purchase with our company – this allows you to make sure you never need to worry about anyone knowing. 

I your package has to get left with the next door neighbour, they are not going to work out what you have purchased.  

This is privacy guaranteed.  

Safe, secure, simple packaging – all done privately 

We make sure that everything is either sent in plain packaging, heavy-duty padded envelopes, or sturdy, secure, plain packages boxes. We will make sure that your product can arrive without any issue, but also without any pointers as to what is actually within the box. 

So, if you fear that you might stand out a bit *too* much from the crowd, you will find that our awesome packaging will make it much easier for you to get your shipment delivered safely.  

For marking free deliveries of your favourite toys and tools, then, be sure to buy from our team here at MaceyMay.