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Loyalty Scheme

We have put together a comprehensive new loyalty system for all of our ‘special customers’ who wish to join up. Called MaceyMay Points, our new rewards system is for lovers who want to lighten the load on their purse and wallets.

Why spend so much on feeling good and looking great, when you could spend just a bit less?

With our long-term rewards system, you will find it much easier to make great savings on your products. We’ll make it simpler for you to put a smile on your face (and the face of your partner) by getting some tremendous deals.

From paying less to getting some brilliant points to spend on what you want, our loyalty program is all about helping you to get less and enjoy more.

How does the loyalty system work?

So, our system is quite simple. For every £1 that you spend, we will give you 5 points.

Those points can then be built up and put towards products.

Here’s how you can spend points:

500 points = £5 Credit

1,000 points = £10 Credit

1,500 points = £15 Credit

2,000 points = £20 Credit

It could be used to help make orders cheaper, to help get you some freebie essentials or put towards something a bit more expensive. However, you must make a minimum spend of £5 (with 500 points).

Seen something special you’ve got your eye on? Then you will find that our loyalty system might make it a touch more affordable.

All of your points can be spent against the full value of an order, or even just part of the order.

Just like in the bedroom, you are in complete control. You spend what you want, and save what you wish. In time, this produces truly spectacular loyalty rewards that, can make a huge difference to the kind of fun that you can have in the bedroom.

Let our rewards system give you a little something special back, making it easier than ever for you to afford to have some fun. Take the stress and the cost out of having an amazing night with our new rewards system.

Sign Me Up!

So, are you ready to start getting more and spending less?

Then now is the time to sign-up and join our loyalty system. We know how hard it can be for you to get it right, so we recommend that you decide to sign yourself up and try something a little more spectacular.

It might be about spending less on sex toys or saving a little on lingerie. Whatever your aim and reason for signing up are, we’ll make sure you can benefit.

Sign-up today and start enjoying spending a lot more on the people that you love, including yourself, with the MaceyMay rewards plan.